Rant: OnXXX() .NET SDK "Help"

So I'm looking up OnActivate() so I can get a better understanding of when this method is invoked. This is what the docs tell me:

Called when the form is activated.

Oh, gee, that's helpful. Maybe the help for OnLoad() is better:

Raises the Load event.

Man, that's a boatload of assistance! I think I'm on to something - what does OnResize() say? Wait for it...

This member overrides Control.OnResize.

Fine, so I jump to Control.OnResize:

Raises the Resize event.


There are some sections in the SDK that are very helpful, but I find this section lacking. Even a one- or two-sentence description on when OnLoad() is invoked would be so much better than, "Raises the Load event." And please don't post comments about what these events do - my rant is targeted towards the quality of the help for all of the OnXXX() methods in WinForm controls, rather than what they actually do.

* Posted at 01.12.2005 09:59:37 AM CST | Link *

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