On The Bench

Friday was my last day with my latest client, so I'm back at the bench. Overall, I was very happy with the experience. I got to learn a lot about i18n that I didn't know about before (especially right-to-left issues in WinForms - yikes!). I also got to work on some fun WinService + Remoting work for a while. But, they needed to trim back a little on their development staff, so...off I go. They felt bad about it - they actually brought in pizza for a little going-away party last Thursday, and I've never had a client do that before. So, while I know the hard-working sales staff at Magenic is off to find me work real-soon-now, if you (for some odd reason) want me on board and you're in the Twin Cities, give my employer a call, 'cuz I hate being on the bench!

* Posted at 04.04.2005 09:38:46 AM CST | Link *

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