Minneapolis Airport and Bodyscanners

Recently I had to fly to Los Angeles to attend the BUILD conference. Flying these days is not an experience I like to make a habit of, but in relatively small doses I'll do it (especially if I get a free computer out of it :) ). However, this time it was a little disconcerting, because ... well ... let me explain.

I showed up to the airport just after lunch on Monday. I had plenty of time to get to my flight. My wife had to get back home to pick up my older son from school, and I wanted to work on some stuff before my flight, so I was in no rush. I already had my ticket and I had no bags to check, so I headed straight for the security checkpoint. I noticed that they had just constructed a new "area 6" where there were multiple body scanners (4, I believe) way down in south corner, so I naturally headed for the regular metal detectors. There was a line that had one metal detector, but again, my flight didn't leave for 3 hours, and since I still had a choice, I had no issue waiting for 10-20 minutes.

Of course, someone didn't like that option being used.

A woman kept coming over to our line and said in a very demeaning way that we should head over to "area 6" because there's 4 lines over there and there's only one line where I was. She basically made people feel guilty about standing in the line I was in, and almost made it seem like we had to go over there.

Of course, no one actually said I had to move either, so I stayed in line.

She did this about 3 or 4 times while I was waiting in line. Finally, someone asked her if we had to move. She said no, but her tone and attitute was childish at best, saying things like, "well, look, people that moved from here to there 5 minutes ago are already through security." You had to be there to hear the tone of "you're all morons for standing here" in her speech. Well, I didn't need to rush that fast either, so I stayed in line, got through security, and moved on.

I'm more than convinced at this point that every airport will eventually get converted to having nothing but body scanners.

I'm really not sure what I think about that either.

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