"Titus Crow, Volume 2"

I finished this book a week or so ago. The first half continues the saga of Titus Crow ... then the second half veers off into a tale of three people battle Ithaqua.

Frankly, I'm getting really bored of Lumley's take on the Cthulhu mythos. The first half was meh, and the second half was a struggle to get through. I'll read the third book soon, if only to get through the series and be done with it. I really hope the last book somehow ties this all together and makes it at least somewhat interesting. I thought Lumley's idea of making the CCD (I hate that acronym) scientifically-based was interesting, but it's just not working. Having horrors that you cannot explain is what appealed to me about Lovecraft's writings; this takes away the creepiness.

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