Flagged Links #13

"Object Oriented F# - Encapsulation with Object Expressions" - Good article describing the OO characteristics of F#. F# is always equated with "functional" (and for good reasons) but it's nice to see how OO it can be.

"Back to Basics: Delegates, Anonymous Methods and Lambda Expressions" - It's always a good thing to refresh the basics.

"C# 4.0: Dynamic Programming" - My initial reaction to C# 4.0 was "meh"...but now I'm starting to see that there's a lot you can do with the dynamic keyword.

"Lessons learned from a real-world focus on performance" - Good summary on optimizing NDepend. I love this quote: "I could summarized the lesson learned by the fact that micro-optimizations are worth it while premature optimizations are the root of evil (as Donald Knuth said a long time ago). The difference between micro-optimizations and premature optimizations is that the first ones are driven by measurement while the second ones are driven by guesses, intuitions and hunches.".

"Taking the Magic out of Expression<T>" - Well, Expression is still kind of magical to me, but it's making more sense as time goes on.

"What does this C# code look like in F#? (part one: expressions and statements)" - A nice article that compares F# and C#. Makes it easier to get up to speed on F#.

"A new book: Notation and Thought" - Wow. I've been working my way through his concurrency book, and I wouldn't hestitate to pick up this one.

"Cascaval et al.'s skepticism on transaction memory" - I agree with him that STM will only work with hardware support, but once that happens it'll get really interesting.

"Smart Software Should Get Out of Your Way" - Completely agree with this. The best software is software that gets out of your way and doesn't try to get cute. The UI is clean and consistent and doesn't try to do too much prediction.

"Debugging Fu, Part 1" - Reproducing bugs can be really hard at times, but it's necessary to solving the underlying problem.

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