Hitting the Home Stretch

Last night Liz and I ordered a bunch of baby furniture. It's kind of pricey, but it's the stuff that you can transform as the kid grows older so it's still useful (i.e. the crib eventually turns into a bed). This morning we had a checkup and all still seems well. Man - it's starting to really hit me. The first three months I was kind of a wreck as I thought we were on our way towards another miscarriage. The next three or four months went by kind of fast as I realized that the pregnancy may actually hold and I may not have a lot of time left to play XBox ;). Now, though, I can feel a lot of emotions coming to the surface. Like fear, anxiety, happiness, sadness, anticipation...they're all getting more and more amplified as the days go on. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to break down when I see a kid with his father because I think that's going to be me pretty soon, but then I don't because I don't have my own just let. But we also have to buy the furniture and paint his room (which I'm doing this weekend) and then I get the fear feeling going again ("what happens if something goes wrong and then we have a room ready for a baby that can't be used??"), yet I know we have to prepare.

Wine sounds like a good idea tonight :)

Oh, and before I forget, congratulations goes out to my college roomate Craig and his wife Karen - they just found out they're pregnant!

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