A Small, Yet Very Important Point, About Creationism

When I read this article on the "you-knew-it-was-coming" lawsuit filed over the Dover decision to "present 'intelligent design' as an alternative to the scientific theory of evolution", I skimmed over it without really reading it. However, one line really caught my eye:

The lawsuit also states that teaching students that there are "gaps" in the scientific theory of evolution while not presenting any such gaps with "intelligent design" would lead students to believe that the theory of evolution is false and that the truth lies in the religious beliefs advocated through "intelligent design."

Wow. That clarifies one of the biggest (if not the biggest) problems with teaching creationism in any of its forms in a public, scientific classroom. Creationism does not allow for "gaps", or "holes" in its theory, and therefore it cannot be construed as a scientific theory. At all. EVER. Science doesn't work like that (although creationists will howl that proponents of evolution do not allow for holes in that theory, which just shows how little they understand the scientific method). Science is based on skepticism and continual pruning and molding of theories. Creationism is based on a core belief which all evidence and knowledge must conform to, which is bass-ackwards.

I hope the plaintiffs win this case, as I hope any lawsuit targeted at eliminating creationism in a public classroom does.

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