"The Between"

I finished this book recently. It's about a man who, as a boy, was saved from drowning by his grandmother (who was his guardian as well). However, his grandmother perishes in the act. In the present, he is married with two kids, but his life starts to unravel in more ways than one as his wife starts to receive racist death threats since starting her new job as a judge.

This is a decent book that's pretty easy to plow through. I thought it was interesting how Due brought the theme of "escaping death" with fate along with the possibility of a mental illness being the cause of everything. I won't say too much more about the plot but it's an interesting thread. I didn't completely buy the character of Hilton - I felt he was too much of a jerk at times than he should have been. It's not a major flaw of the book but I wanted to have more of a connection to him as a reader and I couldn't completely do that.

I'll probably read more of Due's novels in the future. She's a good author and I enjoyed reading this book.

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