Sore This Morning

Yesterday I cleaned all of our windows. We haven't done that since we moved into our house and they sorely needed them. Took out the screens, washed them, washed the windows, and then put all the screens back in. It only took a couple of hours total to get everything done, but it involved using some leg muscles to balance myself on the ladder (which I'm sure scared the hell out of Liz) and now I'm a little sore in the upper leg region. Oh well - at least the windows finally look pretty clean. There was some disgusting crap sitting in the window area so I'm glad we spent the time scrubbing that down.

Speaking of cleaning up - I spent some time rearranging my drum set yesterday. Basically I shifted my toms down so now I have two floor toms. Sitting behind the set, it feels nice, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet. Liz is leaving with Hayden to visit her sister in Georgia for a week starting tomorrow so I'll have some time to bash away on it to see if I really like it. It's nice in that I'll have a week to myself, but it sucks because I'll miss them. Oh well - gotta make the most of the situation, right? If I like the new arrangement I'll post some pictures...when Liz gets back from Georgia as I'm sure she'll be taking the camera! I also lost my smaller drum stand so I could put the tom on the floor, so if I like it I'll have to swing by Guitar Center and pick up another stand.

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