If You're Creating a Custom Collection, Then, Damnit, Make it a Collection!!!

I'm currently looking at a 3rd-party library to read, edit, and create PDF documents [1]. Since I'm not very familiar with PDFs and the vendor's object model, I decided to whip up a view ala my UriViewer to check out the main document object's properties. Well, it was able to load the PDF I'll eventually need to alter at run-time, but what I saw in the object browser irked me a bit. You see, the main object has properties called Pages and Fields, which, by looking at the names, you'd think were collections or arrays. Unfortunately, the property grid control wasn't expanding the items out like I'm used to, because the underlying objects were not collections. They simply descended from System.Object, and they only had the Count and Item properties that made them feel like collections. But in reality, they weren't.

If you're going to create a custom collection, then for god's sake, make it a custom collection! I can't use the foreach syntax on them; I have to manually iterate through them (which isn't hard, but if it quacks like a duck, then...).

[1] Since I just started looking at it, I'm going to refrain from naming the product as I may end up liking it. Every component I've ever used from a vendor always has what I consider to be design quirks, but the product as a whole may work well.

* Posted at 07.07.2004 01:15:18 PM CST | Link *

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