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I realize that this picture could be "staged", but, Jeebuz Rice! I don't live in the damaged regions of Hurricane Katrina, but why in the world are people looting TVs, bikes, backpacks, and things that are really not needed right now? I realize that poverty is more prevalent in this region of the US and one could argue that looters are being "opportunistic", but c'mon, why steal a TV when you have no power to run it with anyway?

And, oh, by the way, nearly a thousand people died yesterday in Iraq. Yes, Katrina is a huge news story, but god-damn it, a thousand civilians die in one day and we hardly hear anything about it? That's one-third of the people that died in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks.

* Posted at 09.01.2005 08:40:05 AM CST | Link *

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