Creationists, Knock it Off!

I found out that Richard Dawkins has a new book out called "The Ancestor's Tale". Looks good (I've already put it on my wish list), but when I saw that it had a 3-star rating, I felt something was not right. So I looked at the reviews, and my fears were revealed. 3 of the 5 posts that were there at the time of this post were obviously written by a creationist who in all likelihood didn't read the book and who was so scared of the truth decided to slander something s/he had no clue about.

I'm becoming convinced that we need to stop worrying about C# and Java and EJBs and XML and SOA and get back to the scientific basics so we don't allow our society to become overwhelmed with illogical thinking.

* Posted at 10.20.2004 06:07:29 PM CST | Link *

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