WPF Day 1

Last night I started spending a bit of time reading about and using WPF. I don't plan on becoming a WPF "guru" but there's a growing need at the client to have some skills in that area. It's definitely a bit of a mind-melt in some areas, but I'm using Adam's book to help me (along with a plethora of WPF resources online). By the way, I absolutely love Adam's book. First, it's printed using color, and that just makes the book so beautiful and easy to read. I hope as material moves more and move over to e-books that color is used as well as it is in this book. Also, Adam just writes well, and it's easy to read the book quickly yet get a lot out of it.

I probably won't post a lot about WPF - I like to spend more time in lower-level stuff, and frankly there's a lot of people who have already posted a lot of good material for you to read. But I also think it's going to be very prudent to understand this stuff in the very near future anyway.

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