New Projects On CodePlex, And a Comment on VB

I've recently added two projects to CodePlex:

  • EmitDebugger. If you've done any Reflection.Emit coding, you may find some interest in this code base. Basically I emit an IL file during the creation of a dynamic assembly with symbolic debugging support, so you can break into your dynamic assembly and have the IL file load up in your debugger. It's fairly rough right now, but I hope to smooth things out with this project because it was fun to create.
  • DynamicProxies. This is a project that I did when I wrote my CIL book (nearly 6 years ago - yikes!). I updated it a while ago to support generics and I plan on adding a couple of features in the future.

One small yet interesting point to make about EmitDebugger (other than it's very alpha!) is that it was my last project in VB (unless Magenic puts me at a client that uses VB!). I've ported it over to C#. Why? It's definitely not a shot against VB, that's for sure. I started my professional development career in VB and it paid my bills for 5 years. I'm also all for having a lot of languages to draw from - the more you know, the better you get. Frankly, though, I don't have a lot of interest of keeping my skills up in VB anymore. I've been in C# for most of my .NET experience, and I feel very fluent in that language. The "new" .NET languages, like F# and Cobra, are the ones that seem very interesting to me, and I'm also interested in spending some time in other languages as well. But VB just doesn't work for me anymore. It's a personal taste and there are lots of developers who find C# too terse and littered with curly braces. They can pretty much do the exact same thing, and I'd rather take the time with other languages.

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