If You Have Nothing to Hide, Then Just Take The Test...Yeah, Right!

Holy crap (from Rocky). Check out this quote:

Truro officials say the 790 men in the town have a right to refuse but those who do so will be closely checked.

So, in other words, if you don't want to be tested, that's OK...but that of course means that you have something to hide. Like Rocky said, there's thing thingee called the Bill of Rights that's supposed to prevent crap like this from happening. And one of the comments from Rocky's blog (from a guy called Thomas) just leaves me reeling. I would be staunchly refusing to contribute my DNA to the police and I'd be raising holy hell to my community.

True, a woman being killed is a harrowing event. But that doesn't mean you can impinge upon the rights of innocent citizens either. And yes, I realize it's easy to say that when it (the murder of a relative) hasn't happened to you. I'm sure if I was a family member, I'd want the police to do everything possible to bring the murderer to justice. I would hope, however, that the investigation would not lead to harassing innocent citizens.

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