The Simpsons and Evolution

This year has been a pretty sucky year for "The Simpsons". The shows just haven't been that funny. Fortunately, last night was an exception as they got their digs into the intelligent design/creationism religion. You can view some of it here. I really like the "Indisputable Fossil Records" display and "The Myth of Creation" with "What a fool believes..." playing in the background. The prosecutor playing the bumbling, loveable lawyer was great, especially when he's feeding Bambi and asking, "Now, Bambi, who started that forest fire that killed you mama? Evolution?!" I also liked the prosecutor's "scientist", who has a Doctorate in Truthology from a chrisitian university. Oh, and Lisa complaining about a test where every answer was "God did it."

If you missed it, you missed a good one. They pulled no punches on creationism and said it like it is: evolution is science, and creationism is religion.

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