I Know I'm Getting Old

This year's gift from Magenic was pretty sweet, but I didn't need it. The last three years they've had some really nice holiday gifts and I've kept them all, but this year I already had what they gave me, so I went to exchange it for some things Liz and I really needed, like a vacuum cleaner (a Dyson) to replace our crappy one and a color printer with scanner (HP) to replace our really old (10 years and going) B&W printer. You know you're getting old when you're excited about getting a vacuum cleaner.

I also discovered I'm getting old tonight when I could no longer stand the dumb shits on Halo 2. Earlier this evening I played PRG2 with some people, and I had a much better time than I did listening to people who having nothing better to do than to trash-talk. And then I realized, "hey, why put up with this crap? It doesn't matter if I win or lose, why listen to kids who have no balls and hide behind a controller?" So, I'm putting away Halo 2. Thanks, Bungie, great game, but the maturity factor in multiplayer is lower than low and my time is better spent doing other things. [1]

[1] It's no wonder that more people are playing with their headsets off in multiplayer. Who needs to hear that unintelligent commentary, especially when it's repeated over, and over...and over again?

* Posted at 12.19.2004 12:58:26 AM CST | Link *

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