Down a Sinkhole

My original intent was to add a simple messaging architecture for my blogging tool so I could use my WinForms-based editor anywhere I wanted to. Well, this change is spreading other change all over the place. Since I'm upgrading to 2.0, the code base has been changed to take advantage of certain features (e.g. 2.0). This is forcing/motivating me to update my site (and the .NET languages site as well) to 2.0. I'm currently using a "master-page"-like design for my web sites, but since 2.0 has that built in I have to figure out how to rip out all my code to use what's built-in. Then I have to tell to update my sites to 2.0 when I'm good and ready. Plus, I accidentally opened up my 1.1 site in 2.0, and it did some things during the "upgrade" that I wasn't really happy with.


I'm somewhat annoyed, but overall I like doing things home-grown at times as it forces me to deal with real-world situations and problems. Sure, I'll use other tools and programs when needed, but it's fun to keep a tool as well. Once it becomes too much of a pain then I give up. For example, I used to keep track of my finances though a tool I wrote at home. I soon realized that there are much better tools out there to do this, so I stopped development on it. But I learned things by writing that tool, so it has benefits in the long run.

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