Why Is TDD Suddenly Becoming Big on Developer's Radar?

Lately I've noticed that the blogs I subscribe to (most of which are .NET developers) are talking a lot about test-driven development (TDD). I think this is a good thing, but I'm suprised at the fact that it's 2004 and it's just getting on the radar. Personally, I don't think I could ever write software without unit tests and writing them before I write a lick of code. I used to be the typical VB6 guy who would bash out code in forms and cringe when I had to change something. Now I know when I broke something via a refactoring. Granted, TDD doesn't guarantee 100% coverage, but knowing that I've got a good first line of defense around my code base is a good feeling. If it's a one-person project or a huge, millions-of-lines of code project, you need tests. I think it's cool that TDD is permating throughout the community.

* Posted at 04.23.2004 11:28:52 PM CST | Link *

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