Day 4 as a iPhone/Mac Developer

Today I realized that you can plug in a standard mouse to a Mac and the right button works! I know, it's a stupid n00b thing, but hey, I didn't know it would work. The only reason I tried is a guy here grabbed the Mac for the weekend and he forgot to bring the mouse with it. Rather than have him run back home, I took the mouse that I used with my laptop and plugged it it. Worked with no problems, and that's cool cuz I was really missing my context menus.

Now that I have the core view/controller stuff in place, things should start moving along. I'm getting used to working in Xcode and Objective-C so I should be able to get more code in place.

I also learned that making a UITextField secure is easy...well, at least it hides the text. Just go into Interface Builder, and check the "Secure" box on the Text Input Trails section.

I ran into the issue where the keyboard wouldn't go away in the simulator. I found the answer here - the "Brandon #2" comment that talks about the "releaseKeyboard" empty action idea did the trick for me.

* Posted at 09.15.2008 08:23:03 AM CST | Link *

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