Stupidity at BestBuy

Mike laments about digital rights. I have a (somewhat) related story about "customer service" this past weekend (Verizon Wireless almost sent me over the edge on Friday, but I want that story to stay buried because it pisses me off too much - pro-rate this, you dicks!). When I bought my camcorder on Friday, I got it at BestBuy. Now, I've been there enough to know:

  • Their salespeople don't know much about the product they're selling, even if you're just buying a DVD.
  • They'll push service plans on you, even if you're just buying a DVD.
  • They'll push Monster Cable on you, even if you're just buying a DVD.

The 3rd one didn't occur, but the other two did. No biggie, I was emotionally prepared. Here's the glitch. I brought two gift cards with me from home that Friday morning - one for a large amount of money that I won at a holiday party and one that was 10$. When I got to work, I realized the 10$ one fell off of the paper it was stuck to when BestBuy mailed it to me. No biggee, it's only 10$, but then I saw on the paper that it says I could use it as proof that I have/had the card in case I damaged or lost the card. OK, I thought, I'll show 'em the paper when I buy the camcorder.

They refused to use it, even though I pointed out (twice!) that the piece of paper explicitly says that I don't need to have the card with me.

Thinking about it later, I realized that they were dicking me over 10$, and what I should've done is said, "OK, fine, I'm not going to purchase this $800 camera, and you just lost a sale, unless you give me the 10$ card." Granted, I had won the other gift card and that cut into the purchase of the camera, so I really wanted to buy it at BestBuy, but...I couldn't believe what they were doing. F-in idiots! The 10$ card was sent to me by BestBuy. It has the card number on the piece of paper. It said it was proof that I have the card. Yet they were more than willing to not give me the 10$, even though I have purchased thousands of dollars of stuff from them.

I got home, and I found the card where I thought I dropped it. I'll buy a DVD with it, and then avoid BestBuy for any major electronic purchases in the future as much as I possibly can.

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