Chapter 1 is Done, and Ergonomic Setups

I turned in Chapter 1 (plus an appendix) to Apress about an hour ago. I have 1.5 more chapters to do in this book, and 1 chapter left in the "Exploring .NET" book. I want to have a fun summer this year, so I'll be cranking this week to get a lot done while I'm at home.

What's nice about being at home is that I can get everything set up the way I want with my laptop. While I can tolerate the laptop's keyboard, I love the ergonomic ones - my two machines both have one. I bought a third to use with my laptop, but it's a little bit of a pain to take on trips. Taking the keyboard itself isn't the problem; I need to bring some prop-up books along to make it feasible. When I use it with a laptop, I'll usually put two or three books underneath the laptop so it hangs over the keyboard. That way, the laptop's monitor is higher up (and therefore less strain on my neck because I'm not looking down so much) and it's also closer since I can slide the keyboard underneath the laptop.

This isn't a revolutionary idea by any means - in fact, I saw a device in a computer magazine that did the same thing I do with books, except it's much more compact (I may need to scrounge around a bit at some local computer stores and see if they have it so I can take it and my ergonomic keyboard along on my next CA trip). It's just that I've always tried to stay very aware of any repetitive motions or strained muscles when I'm working at a computer, so I've never been very fond of laptops. But since I'm now traveling more than I used to, I think I need to find ways to make my stays out in CA a little easier on the eyes and neck. I haven't had any problems yet, but I'd like to avoid any neck pain or eye strain if possible.

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