New Coding Idea, and Ripping Music

I'm so happy I was able to pull my pictures off the dying drive, I celebrated with beer and chips. I'm really trying to only drink water after dinner, but I had to make an exception tonight.

Anyway, when I was at the Twin Cities .NET User Group meeting last night, I started looking at my extensible compiler code, and a new idea suddenly hit me. I got really excited about it, although it's going to take some refactoring to pull it off. But it'll be fun to do. Of course, I should get that comment thingee back up and working the way I want it to...but I think I should have this idea done in time for my next speaking gig.

So far I'm liking my Zune, especially the Marketplace. There as a number of songs that I want that are either missing or require purchase, so I went through my CDs, grabbed all the ones I want to rip to my laptop, and so I'm starting the process of getting them all down to my machine. It's slow, but I can't live without Neal.

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