Poor Hayden

Today Liz took Hayden to get a CT scan. His head is 97% and the doctors wanted to make sure it's just that he has a big head and not something with fluid build-up in the brain. His dad has a physically big head so I'm not worried; they're just erring on the side of being cautious. The problem is Hayden had to stay immobile for the procedure, and babies hate being immobilized. Plus, Liz couldn't be in the same room with him because she's pregnant and there's some radiation involved. She was able to bring two of our babysitters along (who are also sisters) so at least Hayden had a friendly face in the room. Also, he couldn't eat all morning because if they couldn't get a good picture they'd have to sedate him.

Liz just called me to give a status update and Hayden is screaming in the background. Man, it sucks hearing my son so miserable and frightened. Hopefully they got enough pictures - otherwise they'll have to sedate him.

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