Stop Being Lazy

At the gym where I work out, I've noticed that are lot of people are using the handicapped doors to enter and leave the building. These are the doors that have the big buttons you press so the door automatically opens, which is really nice for people in wheelchairs. When I see someone who is perfectly capable of opening the door themselves use this handy little "feature", for some reason it pisses me off. For one, it takes a bit longer for the door to open so they're not saving any time. And second...damnit, they don't need an automated door opener!

I realize that there's a lot of things in our everyday lives that minimize physical activity - a garage door, for example. But that doesn't specifically target people with a disability and it does make things quicker (and it's really nice to have when it raining out). This is just pure laziness.

* Posted at 08.18.2006 08:30:45 AM CST | Link *

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