A New Facility for Twin Cities Code Camp

It's no secret that the Twin Cities Code Camp is looking for a new facility. It's not that I don't like the New Horizons campus; the fact is, it's very nice. But the Code Camp has grown in popularity - we hit 150 registrations last week, which is easily the fastest we've hit that mark. And the New Horizons facility gets pretty crowded with numbers like that.

So far, I haven't scoped out a lot of facilities. Initial responses has some pretty hefty financial numbers next to them. So I'm asking the community for some ideas. If you know of a venue, or, even more important, a contact that we can get of hold of there, that you think would suit a growing Code Camp well, please let me know. I know we'll eventually find something, but the more leads I have, the better. Thanks!

* Posted at 08.25.2008 07:35:24 PM CST | Link *

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