Still Sticking With Google's API for Seaching

A while back I saw this post about MSN's search results in RSS format. It's a great idea, but right now it's just not as full-featured as Google's API. The biggest win for Google is that I can get the total number of search results and show them ten at a time. MSN seems to only be returning 10 results even if Google's search found 112 entries. Maybe there's a way to get all of the data from MSN Search, and I realize everything is in beta so things may change in the future. I hope they add a kick-ass API on top of their searching. The big beef I have with the Google search results is they add those <br> tags within the search results, and I really don't like that. I know I could just parse them out, but I'd like to be able to get the search result snippet without any formatting (and again, maybe I'm missing a switch somewhere but I didn't see anything in their API).

* Posted at 01.22.2005 05:56:36 PM CST | Link *

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