One Minor CSLA Glitch

Last night I ran into an odd issue with CSLA. Basically, the issue is documented here. If you get a SerializationException with a message that starts with "Type is not resolved for member..." and it has to do with your custom principal and identity objects, then you're running into the same issue I am. I tried to apply the workaround mentioned by John Lewicki in the comments section. Basically it has to do with implementing ISerializable and detecting what the serialization context is. However, you still need to implement the "special" constructor in your identity class to handle the non-CrossAppDomain case and you need to manually serialize the IsAuthenticated value when GetObjectData is called and the context is not CrossAppDomain - (i.e. don't throw an exception per John's recommendation). Plus, you also need to implement this on the principal object, but you're stuck with the "special" constructor because BusinessPrincipalBase exposes only one constructor that takes an identity object, and that stymies a good implementation of ISerializable.

I'm still working out the final details on this. I have to try and change BusinessPrincipalBase to do this, and I always hate changing someone else's code :). Hopefully I'll have a solution by tonight, and then the last thing to do is to get the dates working correctly on the site (I save all datetime values as UTC so I have to make sure I display that correctly on the page so it makes some sense to the viewer).

UPDATE: This was fixed by implementing some Reflection to find the _identity field in BusinessPrincipalBase. I'm not entirely happy with this as it is prone to breaking due to internal changes, but it's better (in my opinion) than changing the source code. I still need to write a cross-AppDomain unit test but the proof-of-concepts works.

* Posted at 04.10.2007 11:08:54 AM CST | Link *

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