Daylight Savings Time Change

As you probably know, we "jump ahead" tonight one hour. This is earlier than what we've usually done it due to some law being passed by our government. Of course, a lot of computer systems have the DST changes "hard-coded" so there's been some consternation about this being a "mini-Y2K". Since Y2K was such a non-event I doubt this will cause any problems tonight, but it's still something to be mindful of.

It's funny that as soon as you think something will "never change", you always seem to run into a case where you really wanted configuration. When I blogged about Pluto's demotion, Mike made a (sarcastic) comment about "hard-coding" Pluto's planetary status. What I find interesting is that a lot of science and history books have to be changed to accomodate this change. Of course, to change this in a dynamic, electronic environment (like Wikipedia's planet entry) is pretty easy. Of course, the downfall is that it makes rewriting history pretty easy as well...why did the number 1984 just flash through my mind?

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