Why I Hate Interviews

After I read this post, I thought, "damn."

You mean after 12 years of programming, I'd still be asked in an interview to save an e-mail to a database?!


No thanks.

Interviews suck from both sides of table. Either you're giving the interview and you're in amazement at how those who claim to be experts in .NET can't tell you the difference between an object and a class, or you're being interviewed and someone is asking you the most bizarre question about a crash they had in ASP.NET the other day or they ask you "what's the difference between reflection and recursion?" [1] and they're asking you to play the let's-see-how-they-handle-a-really-bizarre-question game.

[1] Yes, this actually happened to a fellow Magenic consultant a couple years ago. We still laugh about this.

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