Funny, I just found the first link to my "diary" - thanks, Ken! I guess I better start taking this seriously. Not much work happened yesterday - for some reason, Sundays have become extremely lazy. I noticed Brad Wilson added a great article on preventing e-mail spam. I wished he would've written it sooner - my old ExecPC account has been overrun with spam (which is one of the reasons I got away from it). I also saw a great book on how kids learn languages - I think I'll pick up a copy. One thing I did do on Sunday is go through the mountains of books that I have waiting to read. Once I get done with the security and CIL books I plan on spending a lot of time reading and studying. I've been so focused on two topics I feel like I'm missing the big picture. I don't like being so engrossed on a specific topic for too long; it seems like the more I learn the more insights I have in different problem areas.

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