Flagged Links #20

"Cecil.Decompiler" - This is huge in my opinion. A free, open-source way to decompile code using Cecil. I still don't know why Microsoft didn't add an IL reader/writer into their BCL, and at this point I doubt it'll ever happen. But at least we have Cecil to build on, and if someone starts building a UI on top of this with a plug-in model (which it sounds like that's the case based on the Q&A in the post), we'd finally have an open Reflector-like program. I'd definitely port my add-ins over to such a tool.

"Embrace Your Programming Language" - Lambdas are awesome. They are not confusing. If you are a .NET developer, learn and embrace lambdas.

"Improve your code: Regex creation is expensive" - Manage your regular expressions in .NET carefully!

"IE8 Readiness and IETester" - Run different versions of IE side-by-side if you wish.

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