"The Names of the Dead"

I finished this book a week ago. I really enjoyed it. It's about a Vietnam vet named Larry who is having serious marital problems due to the experience he had in the war. He's also dealing with another veteran who's stalking him for unknown reasons. The book moves between the present and the past in succeeding chapters (i.e. chapter x is about the present, chapter x + 1 is about the past, repeat). There are some truly horrific descriptions of death in the war scenes but oddly enough Larry seems very removed from them (probably because he was the doc and was instructed to just do his job). I liked that theme in the book though: Larry seems like a guy trying to be "normal" but so many events in his life makes this detachment uneasy. The ending seemed kind of weak but that's comparing it to the rest of the material, which is very strong. I found myself wanting to keep reading this book - that's a good sign in my book. Definitely recommended.

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