No, Really, Stop It

I finally had enough of "the guy" trying to convert me, so I simply asked him to stop. Stop trying to convert me, stop trying to woo me over from the dark side...just stop what you're trying to do.

Of course, he just didn't get it. He couldn't leave it alone:

ME: So, again, I’m asking you to stop.
THE GUY: Done. Continue walking, at your own peril.

Sigh...he just had to throw another barb over the wire. Sure, he said, "Done", meaning he'll stop, but...he didn't even have to e-mail me and say that either. Of course, since I don't agree with the guy's world-view, I don't see the way I'm living my life as "walking in peril" either.

I make my life choices based on my own views, but frankly this guy has more than soured me on his religion.

* Posted at 03.16.2007 06:35:25 AM CST | Link *

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