Crib Mix-Up

I finally got around to opening the box that contained Ryan's crib...and I found out they gave us the wrong one. They ordered the one I wanted, but they gave us the wrong box. At least the managers at Babies-r-Us were very cool about it all - they gave us the floor model with a discount (it had some knicks and stuff) and they're going to personally come over, get the crib we have, and swap it with the one at the store. I've seen people go ballistic when something goes wrong with the service from a company or an order, and it never gets anyway. I didn't want a free crib or anything like that - I just wanted them to fix the screw-up.

But before I went to the store, I had to get something else this morning. I can't say what I did just yet, as the underlying story hasn't been made public...but let's just say I got a very, very nice surprise yesterday as I was driving home. I'll let you all know when it becomes...well, sort-of public ;). You'll know what I mean when it happens.

* Posted at 01.13.2007 08:45:13 PM CST | Link *

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