12.13.2002 9:00 AM

Two software issues bugged me yesterday. Wednesday I repaved my laptop - I couldn't get an ASP.NET site up an running no matter what I did, and since the laptop came from a former Intertech employee I figured it was time to simply start from scratch. Therefore, I had to reinstall a bunch of software. I was trying to install Adobe Reader 5, but I kept on getting this odd "not enough disk space" error, even though I had over 10 gig available. As I found out, this is a well-known bug, but the workarounds didn't help. So I ended up installing version 4; I'm surprised Adobe hasn't fixed this yet.

The other one was with 1800flowers.com. I got Liz flowers for her birthday, but I wanted to track the order as well. To do that, you have to sign up as a member on their site. Sigh...well, I do it, but now I can't log in! Their site would say, "please allow at least 1 hour to process your member request." 1 hour?!?!?! What a joke - it takes 1 hour to process data in an HTML form? And it took longer than 1 hour yesterday - in fact, I finally gave up (although it's working this morning).

Life has been getting better, though. I'm currently in a go-kart league - last night was my second race. I've done go-kart racing before the league started, but the league is fun because everyone pretty much knows what they're doing. My back is sore, my left elbow has a large bruise on it (how that happened I have no idea), and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Hopefully I won't break anything.

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