Music Stores Are Dangerous

Last night I went to a local Guitar Center to pick up a cymbal stand. I'm playing with some guys Saturday night (not in a bar, just at somebody's house to play cover tunes and have fun) and I didn't want to haul my entire set over. The only thing is one of the cymbals I want to bring is on the same stand that two of my higher toms are on, so that's why I got the other stand. It's better this way as it lightens the load on that one stand and it'll make it easier to break down my set.

It's dangerous for me to go into a music store. I can play most of the instruments in the store [1] so I get distracted easily, and I get tempted to just buy a couple of items that I had no intention of getting when I walked in (Liz is the same way with craft stores. If she hits an Archivers she's done for). I tried a couple of 5-string bass guitars. I really want a nice 6-string bass but it may bust the budget I'm targeting. I tried out a couple of Ibanez basses which I liked - the action was really low without a lot of buzz - but I want to make a more serious R&D effort in the future. I definitely want a new bass for future Sidetracked Project recording sessions. The Ibanez 4-string that I have is OK and would do the job, but I'd like a nice bass to have for the rest of my life if possible. Having that low B-string on the bass really opens up a lot of dynamics for songwriting. I guess it wouldn't be crucial to have the 6-string bass but it would be fun to have. The 5-string neck felt faily wide - I can't imagine what a 6-string would feel like. I don't know if my hands could easily traverse a neck that's really wide.

I may hop on to eBay to see if there are any for sale. I got lucky with my drum set that I got from eBay years ago - maybe I can find a nice 6-string bass as well. If for some reason you're looking to sell a 6-string bass or know of someone that wants to dump one just add a comment to this post.

[1] Note that I didn't say I was a virtuoso at any of them. I can play keyboards, and by "play" I mean I know the notes on the keyboard. I'm definitely an amateur when it comes to keyboards.

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