The Kids

It's amazing how little time I have these days to get stuff done. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures with this post, but I'll get some up soon.

Anyway, Ryan is doing well. He's been fighting a cold on and off so he's been congested, which affects his sleep and eating a bit, but it's hasn't been bad. He's starting to smile when you look at him and make weird faces. I find it odd too that he can hold his head up when I'm holding him over my shoulder - he's been able to do this for a couple of weeks now, and he's only two months old. I don't remember Hayden being able to do that...

Hayden is diong great. He's adjusting to having "baby" in the house. Every day he's doing more and more with Ryan. He's starting to say two- and three-word sentence: "two giraffes", "daddy down please". We're also trying to get him to say "excuse me" when he burps or toots (for some reason he finds those noises really funny - maybe it's because his dad encourages the humor aspect of said noises). He can count to three consistently and sometimes he can get as high as five. We play Marble Blast on the XBox 360 together (he mostly watches me play but sometimes he'll try moving the ball around) and there's one level where I count the number of gems I've obtained. This level has ten, and when I got to "seven" I moved onto the next one. As I got close to it, Hayden (I kid you not) said "eight". I had to stare at him for a second, thinking, "there's no way he figured that out....or did he?" He has his whiny moments, but I think giving him timeouts and being firm with the rules early on has helped out tremendously. He knows if we say, "if you don't clean up your toys before bed, you don't get any books", we mean it, and a "1, 2, 3" count rarely goes to 3 these days. The next big steps are toilet training and getting him into the "big" version of his bed. His crib converts into a bed and we're waiting to get the extension pieces from Babies-R-Us. Once we get those, we'll get him into a normal bed...that should be interesting. In a couple of weeks, he turns 2 - it's hard to imaging that he's going to be 2 years old very soon. Times flies with kids...

All in all I can say I couldn't be happier with the family I have. I'm sure there will other low and high moments in the future (I'm excited and motified when Ryan will start walking....and taking Hayden's toys....and seeing the fights start) but I think we're doing OK.

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