OrcsWeb Adds Spam Filtering

OrcsWeb, the web hosting company I use to host my site, has added spam filtering to their e-mail service [1]. Thank god! My main e-mail was getting flooded with spam, and now that's suddenly become non-existent. The filtering is still a little flakey - I'm not completely happy with the web interface and occasionally a spam comes through - but at least I won't have to wade through 50 e-mails to find the one that was truly intended for me. [2]

[1] Spam, popup windows, and spyware (among other things) are truly making the web suck. I rarely just surf sites anymore; most of my time is through blogging. Not that blogs are safe either, but at least I can focus on reading what I want to read and stay away from the crap.

[2] No, I don't actually read every e-mail I get. But I still have to at least glance at every e-mail to make sure it's not someone who has a question about one of my books and set the subject line to, "Question." Note to those who do have a question about my books or web content, make sure your subject line is fairly descriptive, like, "Question about your CIL book - Chapter 3".

* Posted at 09.05.2004 11:02:53 AM CST | Link *

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