Flagged Links #38

"Representation and Identity" - Good explanation of casting in C#.

"Locks and exceptions do not mix" - Consistenly bad is better sometimes...I guess.

"100% Pure Java" - An interesting take on why being "pure" can make a difference.

"State of the DLR for Silverlight" - Dynamic languages + Silverlight.

"Managed code and asynchronous exception hardening" - Some interesting thoughts on concurrent programming and unhandled exceptions.

"How .NET Regular Expressions Really Work" - Getting into the guts of regular expressions and how they're executed in .NET.

"The cult of done" - I love the poster.

"Dynamic Delegates with Expression Trees" - Go expression trees!

"Geddy Lee Blender magazine interview" and "Full Geddy Lee Entertainment Weekly interview now online" - Two great Geddy interviews - funny as hell at times.

"Tire Win" - Sometimes the bizarre happens.

"The Evolution of Parallel Computing with Mathematica" - Kind of looks like PLINQ for Mathematica.

"Alternative Energy Revolution" - They always looked peaceful to me.

"Students" - I still have this nightmare!

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