When "Will Not" Doesn't Really Mean What You Think It Would Mean

I've seen this article on Vista and .NET sites on a fair number of blogs lately. The ones that I've seen respond with content like this one. What really amazes me is that Richard is still writing about .NET...I thought he had given it up:

Richard has decided to break his link with .NET, this site will continue to contain the free .NET resources that Richard has produced over the last 5 years, but Richard will no longer be available to do any more work on .NET. He will not write any more .NET articles, no more .NET books and will no longer speak at .NET conferences.

So why is he still writing articles on .NET when he said a year ago he wasn't going to write about it anymore? If you're going to say an absolute statement like, "I will not write any more .NET articles," then stand by you statement. Don't come back a year later with .NET-related content, no matter what the tone of the content is.

I haven't talked to Grimes in person. I've talked to him in e-mail a couple of times before in the past and he seemed like a decent fellow. But I don't like it when someone makes a pretty strong stand on a topic, and then decides to break it. People change their mind about decisions they've made in the past - that's fine. But for a guy who was a well-known COM and .NET author for a while to just drop his commitment to those technologies and then come back a year later with an article that makes some pretty questionable statements...

I'll leave it at that.

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