"Beyond AI"

I finished this book a week ago. Basically it's an introduction to where AI is been, where AI may go, and if it does go there, what it should do when it gets there in terms of morals, ethics and so on. Overall, it's a decent read, but I was starting to lose interest in it at the midway point. I don't mind speculation and "what-if" scenarios, but frankly I tend to gravitate to what can be done now. Hall doesn't really deal with modern breakthroughs...sure, he mentions Deep Blue (which isn't really AI) and Copycat, but I didn't see anything about what's being done in the 21st century. I could've just missed it too...I don't know, I think my mind started to drift off a bit the farther along I got.

It's not a bad book by any means; for some reason I just didn't groove on it.

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