Vacation's All I Ever Wanted, And, Speaking of Music...

Tomorrow is my last day of work before a 1 week vacation, which will involve golfing, a day at Valley Fair, visits to museums, and 5 days in Colorado Springs. Wahoo! Unfortunately, I have to go to the dentist tomorrow morning, but I'm getting a massage in the afternoon at the Day Spa. Liz got me a gift certificate earlier this year and I'm finally going to use it.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Brian came up to see Metallica and he stayed over at our house Saturday night. We tried to play a couple of songs the next morning, but seeing as neither one of us knew a lot of the same songs, it was literally only a few songs. But I still had fun as the following picture shows:

In case you can't tell Brian and I apart, I'm the guy behind the Pearl drum set. Someday I'll post more pictures of the set from different angles, but needless to say I have fun banging the hell out of them!

By the way, there are other reasons why I don't go to conferences that much, but this sums it up well. Hey, if conferences helps you learn, so much the better (and I actually wouldn't mind doing more on the presenting side, but I haven't been doing much of anything to help out my cause in that area). Personally, I just don't get a lot going to them myself. I read a lot on my own (books, magazine, blogs, web sites, etc.), I do a lot of my own research, and, frankly, that's worth more to me than sitting in a room for a hour or two watching someone talk about product X (e.g. the next version of .NET) or language feature Y (e.g. generics in .NET).

Now, am I saying that all speakers suck? Of course not. Am I saying that this way of learning is worthless? Of course not. Am I saying these topics are boring? Of course not. Am I saying that after hours at the bar can't be fun? Of course not. But I've been to a couple of conferences and some training courses in my life, and they just didn't do it for me. I'm pretty sure the PDC will be great, just as I'm pretty sure I'll still have my job after it's over.

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