Portal in Real Life

I love Portal. It's a simple game that's highly addicting. I finished it when it came out and then when "Still Alive" was released I worked through that too. For some reason Hayden loves to watch me play it, but tonight we decided to play it "for real". Here's a video illustrating the core rules of how we did it:

Here's some pictures of the other aspects of the game we incorporate. First, these are the deadly balls you see in the game that you must avoid:

Next up are what we used for the incinerator (at the top), the "yucky water" that Hayden always wants me to jump in (on the left), and the blue portal (on the right):

Finally, our Weighted Companion Cube (or, as Hayden likes to call it, the "Loving Cube"):

We had a blast playing Portal in our house.

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