FileGenerator for Reflector v2.0.0.0 is Done

There have been a lot of changes to Reflector recently. Therefore, I decided to revisit my FileGenerator plug-in, and, lo and behold, I could get it to work! Well, it took a fair amount of refactoring along with some guesswork in terms of how classes in the object model would help me out, but once I figured it out, the plug-in works like a charm. The big plus too is that I cut out a lot of code that I used to have because Reflector handles the generation of disassembled code seamlessly across any language that is currently installed.

You can get the new version ( here. This includes the binary along with the source code. Basically, you install the plug-in, and then you can highlight either an assembly, module, or type within Reflector's main assembly tree view control. Press Ctrl+Shift+G (this assumes you installed the plug-in correctly ;) ), select the directory that you want the file(s) to go in, and press the "Generate Files" button. That's it!

Comments/questions/bug reports are always welcome. Note that this will only work with 4.x versions of Reflector.

* Posted at 06.10.2004 12:37:51 AM CST | Link *

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