Flagged Links #67

"Pex 0.16.40915.5: Moles, a lightweight Detour Framework, and better support for Test Frameworks" - The latest version of Pex is out, and ZOMFSM Moles looks freakin amazing!

"Must Watch: Creepy Trailer for Paranormal Activity Debuts!" - I don't believe in ghosts, or the supernatural, or anything like that. Still, a good movie is a good movie, and if this one delivers on the scare factor like people are saying it does, I'll definitely go see it.

"An Influenza Primer" - Rational responses to flu.

"Generating Dynamic Methods with Expression Trees in Visual Studio 2010" - That's some powerful stuff right there in .NET.

"Zero Punctuation: Batman Arkham Asylum" - Zero visits the asylum.

"Meaningless Work" - I think we've all been here at some point in our lives.

"Please Don’t Remove Order Validation!" - AAA in mocking frameworks is very nice, and I personally have never had the need for record/playback (in fact the first time I saw it I thought it was really clunky and turned me off to mocking for a while) but some people may still have a use for it.

"Twisted Architecture" - Having fun modeling buildings in Mathematica.

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