Gross, Disgusting, but No Pictures

Note: If you get easily grossed out by reading stories, don't read this post. You have been warned...

I'm sure I'm going to see my fair share of gross things having a baby. I'm already amazed at the shades of color crap can be in a baby's diaper. But yesterday, something happened in my household yesterday morning that almost had both Liz and I vomiting in the living room.

Again, you have been warned. This isn't pretty!

You still here? Of course. I thought so. Weirdo.

By the way, let me preface the story by letting you know all is well in the house. Everyone is fine. You'll know why I say this after you read it (especially if you're a cat lover...) And the reason I'm telling a story that's not pretty is just to let you know that if you want to own a pet, things may happen that you never thought were possible, and you may have to do things that, if you'd think about later, would give you the willies.

Anyway, Liz and I were getting ready to go to a friend's house for some Easter food when I noticed our youngest cat Tweak walking a little funny. I've seen our cats sometimes rub their butts on the floor if they haven't had a clean bowel movement, and it's not fun cleaning up a cat poop trail on the carpet. But I didn't see the trail effect, so I kept watching him for a minute. After he moved around a bit, I saw that there was a piece of poop hanging from his rear area. OK, I'm a little grossed out, but this is nothing I haven't seen before, so I run to the kitchen to grab a paper towel and pick it off.

What happened next was completely unexpected. And gross. And...even humorous, now that I know Tweak's OK.

I picked the piece of poop from his rear, only to pull out a long piece of string from his butt.

To make matters worse, the little piece of poop came off into the paper towel, and now Tweak, being the kitten he is, starts chasing after the string hanging out of his butt, so he's running madly around in a circle.

Now, at the time, this wasn't funny. If a cat or dog eats string, it can kill them. At this point, Liz was feeding Hayden on the couch and really didn't catch everything that was going on, so while she's grossed out, she's laughing a bit. But I'm running to the kitchen again, yelling, "Liz, this isn't funny - I need your help now!" Unfortunately, she had to put Hayden down on the couch, and he's not happy about getting his meal cut short, so he starting crying.

OK, so at this point Liz is holding Tweak down while I pull on the string, hoping we've come to the end.


Let's just say I pulled for a while before it all came out.

And when you're pulling stuff that coming from the depths of a pet's internal organs...well, it smells awful.

When we were finally done, I'm running to the kitchen again to throw away the offending string, trying desperately not to throw up all over the floor. I turn around and Liz is gagging over the cat, so I quickly find some matches and light them as that's a good way to get rid of fecal-like odors. Fortunately, she held it together, and neither one of us puked.

Tweak seems fine. He hasn't had no more stringy poop since then. And yes, if anyone comes over to our house, I've cleaned the area thoroughly so you won't get any germs or viruses.

So how was lunch? ;)

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