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I have to admit, I was pretty steamed last night after being asked to remove a blog post. My intention is never to hurt or offend anyone (well, I'm sure I've offended some people with what I've posted here), but the fact is, this is my web site. I realize that family members and co-workers know about my blog, but I've always tried to state my mind first (with good intentions in mind, of course). All this said, I've decided to state (if only for myself) that what I post on this blog is mine, and that stays. I made an exception last night. That's the last time that will happen, ever. I still reserve the right to remove any comments, post, pictures, etc. when I want to.

Speaking of comments...as you can guess, I didn't get around to updating the site - I was too upset. But a good night's sleep fixed that, and I'll work on the update tonight.

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