Details can be found here. I loved PGR and PGR2. PGR3...well, kind of sucked. Only a handful of cities and they all felt the same. Multiplayer in PGR2 was a blast; PGR3 didn't have that same feel. I'm hoping they get that back in PGR4. It looks gorgeous...but it has to be fun. Playing the "Ultimate Loser" game variation was hysterical at times - the crashes we'd come up with were outrageous. It seemed like PGR3 didn't have the same chaotic effect during some of the crashes. I'm not asking for Burnout in PGR4, but some of the fun was seeing how high you could launch a car in the air (we got some serious air time on one of the Sweden tracks).

Shucks...I'm getting all nostalgic now...maybe I'll fire up my old XBox and play some PGR2.

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