Conversations With Hayden

Yesterday I had two interesting conversations with Hayden. The first was on the phone as I was ending the call:

Me: I love you.

Hayden: ...(silence)....

Me: Hayden, can you say, "I love you"?

Hayden: ...No.

Me: ....Please?

Hayden: you.

This was interesting because he didn't say it until I said "please". We've been teaching him to say "please" as the polite (not magic) word to say, and it was cool to hear his brain figure out that Daddy has just said the polite thing, so he "honored" that.

The other one was when I climbed into his bed to read him a book before he went to sleep. It wasn't really a conversation, but it was still cool. We've been told to get him books where the story has more of a rhyme and a rhythm to it. Hayden tends to end every sentence like a question - his voice raises up - and we've been told books like this may help. Anyway, I grab a new book called "Bear Snores On" (good book for little kids by the way) and I get into his bed. Before I can say anything, I see Hayden look at the book in my hand and he says, "Bear Snores On."

I was dumbfounded. He picked up on the title of the book that quick - he's only had it read to him twice.

I have no idea if Hayden is smart or not. But I like sharing these stories because it's interesting to me seeing a child's brain make connections and take off.

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